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About Mark Steen
M A R K  S T E E N   L I V I N G   L I G H T E N I N G S  O F  F I R E
Mark Steen "Save Me" Mark's short life testimony - Live
Only testimony about Mark available
About Mark Steen
Mark is a author, public speaker and musician that releases sounds and frequencies that recalibrate a new harmonic sound in all that Mark moves in.

One of the most impacting experiences of Mark's life was when he was 20 years old and had a bike accident which resulted in him being "clinically dead". In that time, Mark entered Heaven. 
Mark had many challenges to overcome and face, thankfully Mark has come through to the other side of most of the challenges he had to face not taking life for granted.
Mark songs carry the true heart and sounds of Mark's music. The albums bring out the passion that Mark has as he has walked along the journey of life. 








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