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Blogs by Mark Steen


God is cross pollinating generations so that we are all the next generation, no higher or lower, just one in Him, heart in heart. Theres a long way to go yet, but it is happening right now.By Mark Steen

Be Love

Let our life be the proof of your love, Lord. Love does not give permission for people to take advantage, control with manipulation, walk over you or even prosper off you, that is false headship and governance. There is no honor, integrity or humility when this happens. Let the true power of first love teach us how to love, be love, give and receive love. Yahweh is the answer that we are looking for to be true love. By Mark Steen.

Currency of Heaven

We are the true currency of heaven. We should be living heart to heart with Jesus and one another, valuing each other with heaven's currency and truth. We are the true currency of heaven in the Multi-dimensional creation that we live in. By Mark Steen

Mirror ourselves 

We are the generation that will mirror ourselves from Heaven in the true reflection and release all of Heaven in its worth on the earth as ONE. Intimacy in Jesus is the only way we can do this, complete intimacy with Jesus will release the more of Heaven on earth. By Mark Steen

Multi-dimensional Creation 

Stepping into Jesus in true intimacy, gives you full access to the multi-dimensional existence of God. It’s always and only by intimacy with Jesus that we can live in a multi-dimensional creation.

By Mark Steen


Deeper You Go

The deeper you go in relationship with Jesus, in the stillness of His love, you will find the rhythm of your heart beat with his. Draw into the rhythm, let it resonate out of you as Jesus sings his love song over you today. By Mark Steen

Heartbeat of Heaven

Can you hear the soft, gentle, tender heartbeat of Heaven? Yahweh is looking for your heartbeat to respond. The same desire that you have in your heart to be with your lover, comes from the heartbeat of Yahweh. Make Him your lover, Yahweh wants to be with you, and share with you. Can you hear the soft, gentle, tender heartbeat of Abba Daddy. Let Him melt your heart. By Mark Steen

A word for you

When we look into the eyes of Jesus we see who He really is, He wants your dream to come through more than you, He wants you to breakthrough more than you do. When we gaze into the eyes of Jesus it's so easy to be loved and to give love. Jesus is with you all the way all the time, because that is just who He is.

By Mark Steen


Breakthrough comes when you yield, and allow God to orchestrate the breakthrough that you need. Breakthrough is not what you can yourself, but what God will do for you. God is breakthrough, and His has more passion for your breakthrough than you do, Yes it's true. Just let go and let God orchestrate the breakthrough that is needed, it just might blow you away how the breakthrough comes. By Mark Steen

A prophetic statement over you 

We are all looking for the sound that releases the explosion of Heaven, we are all looking for that one word from Heaven that releases the explosion of Heaven to earth, but all along you are the gift from God to this earth, you are the explosion of Heaven on earth, yes you. You are the sound, the voice of Heaven, all creation is groaning for your sound to explode on this earth. You are the gift, the explosion of Heaven on earth. By Mark Steen

​The Breath of God

There's an authority that we carry through the Word (which is the breath of God) that enables us to speak life to into dead bones. It's in the breath that He gives us that authority over all principalities. Our DNA is the breath of God in us, and as it comes out through us, it can bring an atmospheric shift. I think if we truly realised the power that we carry, we would see more of Heaven here on earth. By Mark Steen

There is a fire

There is a fire that burns in the name of Jesus, that can not be contained or controlled. The same fire burns in you when you call the name of Jesus. Let the Father breathe upon you, breathe His breath in and exhale out, so that the world sees Jesus in you. Speak over the land that you walk, and the nations around you so that the fire of God will burn in His glory. By Mark Steen

What defines you as a believer?

During and after my accident so many people called me, 'Heaven Man' or say, 'Your that dead man!' Even though I did die, and yes I did go to heaven, and during my time in Heaven walking with Jesus, I encountered and experienced so many amazing things, but that does not define my walk with The Lord. When I was around 8 years old, I asked Jesus into my heart, I remember seeing angels all around me in my bedroom, and then God spoke to me revealing His heart for me. I did, however, have one request, I said to God, 'I want to see you face to face,' and I meant it. 12 years later God honored that prayer. I did not really know what I was asking God 12 years before, or the events that would take place during my time in heaven, I certainly did not expect to have a horrific accident. I have seen so much of Heaven, and seen miracle after miracle during my recovery, but even this journey that I have been on does not define my walk with The Lord. Even though we have many encounters with The Lord, there are these question that need to be answered, did it bring you closer in intimacy with God? Did it give you a greater revelation of who God is, and of His love for you? It's not about the experiences that you have with God that defines you're walk with him. What defines your walk with The Lord, is your intimacy with The Lord. There is nothing wrong having complete dependency on God, in fact that's what he has created us for, to be in complete dependency and intimacy with him. God is looking for intimacy, that's what defines your walk with the Lord. It's not the experiences that make you better or worse than anyone else, it's about going deeper and deeper each day in intimacy with the Lord. By Mark Steen. From the book series, The mystic miracle of one.

Depth to the rivers of living water

There is a new depth to the rivers of the living water coming, a depth to the living waters that brings the body of Christ into the endless ocean of God's love. In this new depths of the Living water will come forth a greater authority in the kingdom of God on earth, also this authority will come forth in great breakthrough over the earth and over man. God is preparing the way for his army to invade the earth with love, an overcoming power of his love that cannot be denied but it will come forth in great demonstration and breakthrough. God is calling his sons and daughters to arise and come forth in this power of his love and breakthrough. Come deeper into the depths of the living water and reach the depths of the endless ocean of my love and receive fullness of my power of love that brings breakthrough. Come and arise my sons and daughters and invade the earth, come my army and step into the river of the living waters and receive from me. Come, come, come my children I will show you the way. The depths of my living waters is upon you, come come, come, my beloved and step in. By Mark Steen

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