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God is cross pollinating generations so that we are all the next generation, no higher or lower, just one in Him, heart in heart. Theres a long way to go yet, but it is happening right now.By Mark Steen

Be Love

Let our life be the proof of your love, Lord. Love does not give permission for people to take advantage, control with manipulation, walk over you or even prosper off you, that is false headship and governance. There is no honor, integrity or humility when this happens. Let the true power of first love teach us how to love, be love, give and receive love. Yahweh is the answer that we are looking for to be true love. By Mark Steen.

Currency of Heaven

We are the true currency of heaven. We should be living heart to heart with Jesus and one another, valuing each other with heaven's currency and truth. We are the true currency of heaven in the Multi-dimensional creation that we live in. By Mark Steen

Mirror ourselves 

We are the generation that will mirror ourselves from Heaven in the true reflection and release all of Heaven in its worth on the earth as ONE. Intimacy in Jesus is the only way we can do this, complete intimacy with Jesus will release the more of Heaven on earth. By Mark Steen

Multi-dimensional Creation 

Stepping into Jesus in true intimacy, gives you full access to the multi-dimensional existence of God. It’s always and only by intimacy with Jesus that we can live in a multi-dimensional creation.

By Mark Steen


Deeper You Go

The deeper you go in relationship with Jesus, in the stillness of His love, you will find the rhythm of your heart beat with his. Draw into the rhythm, let it resonate out of you as Jesus sings his love song over you today. By Mark Steen

Heartbeat of Heaven

Can you hear the soft, gentle, tender heartbeat of Heaven? Yahweh is looking for your heartbeat to respond. The same desire that you have in your heart to be with your lover, comes from the heartbeat of Yahweh. Make Him your lover, Yahweh wants to be with you, and share with you. Can you hear the soft, gentle, tender heartbeat of Abba Daddy. Let Him melt your heart. By Mark Steen

A word for you

When we look into the eyes of Jesus we see who He really is, He wants your dream to come through more than you, He wants you to breakthrough more than you do. When we gaze into the eyes of Jesus it's so easy to be loved and to give love. Jesus is with you all the way all the time, because that is just who He is.

By Mark Steen


The Chambers of Glory Fire part 1

When I was in Heaven walking with Jesus, I entered a chamber that was burning with intense burning fire. Instantly a holy fear came all over me, knowing that God Him self was consuming the room. Jesus spoke  to me saying, “ you have entered into the chamber of the Holy of Holies, this is where God Himself dwells in His glory”. As I was drawn in by God Himself, I could see the glory fire burning, and then it consumed me. God spoke to me saying, "I have brought you here so that I can show you how my glory burns, I am the eternal fire, the hottest part of the fire that burns from the beginning of the fire, to the end of the fire, if you look in the fire, it’s the brightest red part of the fire. In my glory fire, there is an inner fire that burns in the manifestation of who I Am in the power of the Holy Spirit; that looks like bright gold, yellow fire. Also in my glory fire, there is an outer fire that burns in intimacy that has come, and burns in the power of Jesus; this looks like the orange-pink fire that makes my glory fire burn in its intensity as 3-in-one fire. My glory fire burns with a blue fire that runs up the centre of the fire that moves with the intense breakthrough. The glory fire can not be contained, or controlled by anyone but me." said God. There is so much more to this and much greater depth, so I’ll share just one portion at a time. By Mark Steen  


The Chambers of Glory Fire part 2

As I was in the glory fire, I could see what looked like a dark mist surrounding  the glory fire. God spoke saying, “The dark mist that you see is my glory cloud, the glory cloud precedes my glory fire on the earth; it’s who I am and move in as the all consuming fire.”


God took me deep into the dark cloud and I could see that it was not just looking like a dark cloud, but it was flowing with rainbow colours, it was like the dark cloud held mysteries that were ready to be sought, waiting for the sons and daughters to step in to it. The dark cloud moved with perfect precision in motion. The amazing colours like blue, pink, gold, red, and green, just to name a few, swirled around with intense heat, combining with each other, making intense vibrant colours that I have not seen on the earth, they are impossible to describe. 


God spoke again saying, “My glory cloud comes to prepare the atmospheres that I occupy in, as I have many objectives to fulfil on the earth. some will see the dark cloud as they are willing to trust me, and step into my glory fire, where the mysteries dwell and my presence reigns in full power. Only I know the mysteries that the dark cloud holds, for its in the dark cloud that I dwell in," said God. 


There is still more to come, but I believe that we are in this very moment right now, we need to step into and trust God, and believe for the greater manifestations. This will only happen when we truly yield our lives to the Lord and humble ourselves in holy fear as his beloved. Will you be willing to step in? And yes it will cost you everything. By Mark Steen


Exodus 20:21 (NET)

21 The people kept their distance, but Moses drew near the thick darkness where God was.


Psalm 97:2-3 (NET) 

2 Dark clouds surround him;

equity and justice are the foundation of his throne.

3 Fire goes before him;

on every side it burns up his enemies.


Burning Hearts

One of the amazing experiences I had when I was in heaven, was when Jesus led me to the centre of Heaven. Right in the centre of Heaven I saw the most powerful glow that was filled with amazing rainbow colors, flowing out of a cauldron that was burning like fire. The closer I got to the cauldron, more intense the fire got. I become one with the fire that was burning, then Jesus spoke to me saying, 'This is the intensifying fire that burns in its intense furious love for all mankind, you are born in this flame, and you are marked with this fire that burns in my name, this is the fire of my love that will burn forever and ever in my name. Whoever calls my name,' said Jesus, 'and repents, this fire belongs to you. It's the fire of one in 3 burning in you and out of you, you are the fire of Heaven on earth, and you burn in my name,' said The Lord. At this moment, I felt so alive, still one with the burning flame that consumed me. Jesus revealed and showed me so much more after this, but I feel this is what The Lord wants me to share with you today. There are so many moments in a day, and heaven is waiting for you to respond and assist you. Where is your heart with the Lord? Have you taken a moment to ask The Lord what he requires of you today? To be the burning fire of Heaven on earth, you need to burn in love for Him so intimately. Take that moment with Him and see what happens, it is your birthright to be burning in complete love, allow God's furious love that burns for you, that is within you, burn in intimacy with him. Trust Him, because he believes in you. Let go of what you think love looks like, and let God show you what love really is. By Mark Steen

You are not in the cage anymore

"You are free to fly, you are not in the cage anymore, it’s time to fly and soar in my name, I have come to free you from the restrictions that has held you back, you are not in the cage anymore", says The Lord, “Let my kingdom come and invade every part of your soul and trust me", says The Lord. "I want to take you to new places, and new revelations, for there so much more I need to release on the earth that has never been see before. So open your heart to me, and do not be afraid”. says The Lord. "You are free to fly, you are not in the cage anymore”. By Mark Steen

Breakthrough comes when you yield, and allow God to orchestrate the breakthrough that you need. Breakthrough is not what you can yourself, but what God will do for you. God is breakthrough, and His has more passion for your breakthrough than you do, Yes it's true. Just let go and let God orchestrate the breakthrough that is needed, it just might blow you away how the breakthrough comes. By Mark Steen

A prophetic statement over you 

We are all looking for the sound that releases the explosion of Heaven, we are all looking for that one word from Heaven that releases the explosion of Heaven to earth, but all along you are the gift from God to this earth, you are the explosion of Heaven on earth, yes you. You are the sound, the voice of Heaven, all creation is groaning for your sound to explode on this earth. You are the gift, the explosion of Heaven on earth. By Mark Steen

​The Breath of God

There's an authority that we carry through the Word (which is the breath of God) that enables us to speak life to into dead bones. It's in the breath that He gives us that authority over all principalities. Our DNA is the breath of God in us, and as it comes out through us, it can bring an atmospheric shift. I think if we truly realised the power that we carry, we would see more of Heaven here on earth. By Mark Steen

There is a fire

There is a fire that burns in the name of Jesus, that can not be contained or controlled. The same fire burns in you when you call the name of Jesus. Let the Father breathe upon you, breathe His breath in and exhale out, so that the world sees Jesus in you. Speak over the land that you walk, and the nations around you so that the fire of God will burn in His glory. By Mark Steen

Your identity
Your identity is not what you become, but yielding to Jesus, and living as Jesus sees you. Seeing in the eyes of Jesus, you will see that you are born in love, birthed in fire, filled with the breath and fire of the father, a child of the most high God, who is completely in love with you. Heaven is all over you and in you, believe in what Jesus is speaking over you today, and it will release you in your identity as God sees you. Don't be afraid to ask God what He sees in you, because God is your true lover and greatest fan. God's love knows no fear, and you are safe in the love of God. By Mark Steen

What defines you as a believer?

During and after my accident so many people called me, 'Heaven Man' or say, 'Your that dead man!' Even though I did die, and yes I did go to heaven, and during my time in Heaven walking with Jesus, I encountered and experienced so many amazing things, but that does not define my walk with The Lord. When I was around 8 years old, I asked Jesus into my heart, I remember seeing angels all around me in my bedroom, and then God spoke to me revealing His heart for me. I did, however, have one request, I said to God, 'I want to see you face to face,' and I meant it. 12 years later God honored that prayer. I did not really know what I was asking God 12 years before, or the events that would take place during my time in heaven, I certainly did not expect to have a horrific accident. I have seen so much of Heaven, and seen miracle after miracle during my recovery, but even this journey that I have been on does not define my walk with The Lord. Even though we have many encounters with The Lord, there are these question that need to be answered, did it bring you closer in intimacy with God? Did it give you a greater revelation of who God is, and of His love for you? It's not about the experiences that you have with God that defines you're walk with him. What defines your walk with The Lord, is your intimacy with The Lord. There is nothing wrong having complete dependency on God, in fact that's what he has created us for, to be in complete dependency and intimacy with him. God is looking for intimacy, that's what defines your walk with the Lord. It's not the experiences that make you better or worse than anyone else, it's about going deeper and deeper each day in intimacy with the Lord. By Mark Steen.

The commissioning of the body
There are two directives that the body needs to understand. It says in the word of God, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and love your neighbour as yourself. To love The Lord with all your heart is to yield your life before The Lord in full surrender, meaning, to have a constant life of worship in love before The Lord. The second directive is to love your neighbour as yourself. I believe this means in the body of Christ, love your fellow brother or sister, and believe in them, wanting to see them grow, be up lifted and encouraged, not judge by their ability, but released in their full driven purpose of God's calling upon their life. If the body of Christ can truly love their brother and sister in the same way God loves us, we will see their heart coming out before the Lord that will enable and release the full measure of God's power in their life. The body of Christ is not about one person, but the body becoming as one in the Lord God Almighty, with all the gifts being united as one. There is no threat against one another when we are truly united by the spirit of God, in love and unified by love. If we can see through the eyes of Jesus, what God sees in our fellow brother and sister, it empowers the body to release that full measure of heaven on Earth. There is so much more that happens after this, but if we truly understand and release this in the body of Christ, the miracles the signs and wonders just have to come. Because we are the miracles the signs and wonders and this is the heart of the Lord God Almighty.

By Mark Steen


Face To Face

God is calling us to come face to face as his beloved, and yield all that we are and have before Him, in full surrender. As we do this we need to come face to face with one another and love, honour and link our arms together and arise as one tribe in The Lord, as His laid down lovers. Brother to brother, sister to sister, child to child we will arise, one in fire, birthed with love, bathed in fire. Jesus has come to break off any threat that we have with one another, so that we can arise as one tribe linked together in His powerful and mighty name. We will go from to glory to glory, burning in His glory revival fire so that Yahweh can be. So I invite you to come and link arms to gather as one bride, as one tribe face to face with Jesus and face to face with each other. Glory fire burn. By Mark Steen

Depth to the rivers of living water

There is a new depth to the rivers of the living water coming, a depth to the living waters that brings the body of Christ into the endless ocean of God's love. In this new depths of the Living water will come forth a greater authority in the kingdom of God on earth, also this authority will come forth in great breakthrough over the earth and over man. God is preparing the way for his army to invade the earth with love, an overcoming power of his love that cannot be denied but it will come forth in great demonstration and breakthrough. God is calling his sons and daughters to arise and come forth in this power of his love and breakthrough. Come deeper into the depths of the living water and reach the depths of the endless ocean of my love and receive fullness of my power of love that brings breakthrough. Come and arise my sons and daughters and invade the earth, come my army and step into the river of the living waters and receive from me. Come, come, come my children I will show you the way. The depths of my living waters is upon you, come come, come, my beloved and step in. By Mark Steen

The power of prayer 
When I came out of my last surgery, I woke up and I couldn't bear the pain anymore, the pain was very intense. I actually felt my life slipping away and the breath of God coming out of me. I said to God, "This time I'm ready, take me home." My mother then picked up my hand and said, "Mark, Don't leave me!" I heard her simple prayer that she prayed in her mind, "God, bring Mark back". At that moment, a new breath entered in and I woke up to see my mother looking into my eyes. I know that it was the power of 4 words that was spoken into the atmosphere that moved into motion the power of one heart for another, that changed the outcome in the power of the Lord. I could still feel the pain, but it was not so intense. I was entering into the 3rd day after the surgery and the pain was starting to take over again, and I could not breathe that well. In my spirit I cried out to God and said, "In the Name of Jesus I am healed, in the Name of Jesus I take control of my body, No pain, and my breath belongs to The Lord, I am healed". Straight away the pain stopped and I could breathe again with out struggling. I remember thinking how powerful is the Lord, and the power that we carry in the Name of Jesus, then the Lord spoke to me saying, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you (from Romans 8:11). Then I saw the power of words changing the atmosphere, changing the outcome, and persuades the heart of the Lord. Our words are so powerful that we speak every day, not just in our prayer but in life in general. Speak life into your words every day, only speak into a circumstance the words that God gives you to speak, just ask God what to speak over the circumstance, because God wants you to breakthrough, even more than you do. By Mark Steen.

One of the Challenges

One of the Challenges I faced Coming back from Heaven during the accident, was living in the full freedom and access of just being with God. Worshiping God with my voice and praising God like I did before, I could not do due to the accident. When I was in Heaven it was just so natural to be absorbed with God, leaving me complete in every way lacking nothing, I longed for that so much again after being back on earth. I cried out to God and said, Lord I want to be in your arms of love, just like I was in heaven, I long to be on earth. God spoke to me so clear, speak by the spirit to your body and say, arise dead bones, arise, so I spoke those words over my body. Straight away I felt a shift and an alignment in the atmosphere and in my body, I was right in the arms of love just like I was in heaven. Days later a transformation happened in my voice, after being persistent, I could sing again before the presence of The Lord. Still to this day I live in the same powerful presence of The Lord, just like Heaven all over again. Sometimes I need to speak to circumstances or unbelief, but nothing can take the power of God's love and presence away from you. God has poured his breath in you from birth so already God is in you. There is power in words, that is why God wants you to speak them into the atmosphere, because it carries His breath on earth through you. By Mark Steen

One of the lessons

One of the lessons I learnt after coming back from heaven during the accident, is that we are made to experience powerful encounters of breakthrough. Breakthrough in the kingdom of God is apart of our walk with Jesus everyday. Coming through the accident every battle I faced God gave me the keys I needed to unlock the victory, most of my battles I still had to persevere for thebreakthrough. God would always remind me to stand in the Word and in the testimony of other people that had overcome. There was one breakthrough I needed to happen urgently that I had never heard of before, I had fluid leaking from my brain, the doctors said that if the fluid does not stop leaking in the next day that I would not have long to live, and there is nothing that they can do to help. The surgeon said that he had heard of this happening before but the outcome was horrific, and that the patient only had the fluid leaking for 2 days. The surgeon tried to rebook me back in to hospital but there were no beds available, so he sent me home. As I was at home that night The Lord spoke to me and said, "Mark trust in me," so I did. The fluid keep leaking for four weeks after seeing the doctors. It was time to see the surgeon again, as he found a free bed to book me back into the hospital four weeks Later. Two nights before I had to see the surgeon, I could not sleep because of the fluid leaking, I heard Angels gathering around me, I saw an Angel dressed in blue before me saying the word, "breakthrough", then The Lord appeared and spoke to me saying, "Mark it's ok, what you need is given, you will wake up in the morning and you will be healed", then I just fell asleep. As I woke up that morning I was healed, praise God. I saw the surgeon, he was so amazed that I did not die. That was the first miracle, the surgeon just could not believe how the fluid stopped by itself. The surgeon said God has truly been on your side - that was the second miracle. I did not need to stay in hospital, and from that moment it was miracle after miracle. I believe God just wanted to show how great and powerful He is. I am just so thankful for God's goodness every day, It's truly an honor to serve the king of kings here on this earth and In heaven. By Mark Steen.

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