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M A R K  S T E E N   L I V I N G   L I G H T E N I N G S  O F  F I R E



One of the most impacting experiences of Mark's life was when he was 20 years old and had a bike accident which resulted in him being "clinically dead". In that time, Mark entered Heaven. 
Mark had many challenges to overcome and face.

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Thank you Seraph Creative

I would like to thank all the team from Seraph Creative for the production of this book. Thank you Linda, Leigh and Chris Blackeby for all your hard work in crating this book and making it happen. Powerful team to work with. I am honoured to be apart of the Seraph Creative family.


Thank you Shelagh Ryan

I would like to say a special thank you to Shelagh Ryan for editing this book, The Mystic Miracle of One series 1 and 2. I really could not have done this without all that you have done in the editing of this book and all that you have given to me in my life. You're sensitivity and your overwhelming love has truly made this book come alive for me. I love you so very much with deep love from my heart. Thank you from the depth of my heart. 

Thank you Hayden Miethe CEO of Misfit Me Creative

I would specially like to thank Hayden Miethe the CEO of Misfit Me Creative for creating the art work for this book cover. The art work design is totally amazing and I love this art work so much. Thank you so much for all you have given in the process of designing this cover.


Thank you Brian Welch

I would like to thank Brian Welch for all his input, encouragement, inspiration and connecting me to the right people in the making of this book. Thank you so much.

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